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Kellenberger Service

Our machines and manufacturing solutions not only stand for the highest machining and surface quality as well as process reliability, but also for operator and service friendliness. We know that machine availability and productivity are key concerns for our customers. We have made it our mission to guarantee this.

Our aim at KELLENBERGER is to act as a premium supplier throughout the entire service life of a machine. That is why we focus on providing our customers with the best possible quality and performance when it comes to service. This is reflected in the cooperation between diagnosticians at the helpdesk, technical experts in the engineering department and service technicians on site.

Operational service

  • Training
  • Performance program
  • Maintenance service packages

Service performance

  • On-site repair services
  • Diagnostics / helpdesk
  • Spare parts / consumables

Lifecycle management

  • Migration plans
  • Retrofits & refurbishments
  • Rotable pool program

Data service

  • Analyses
  • Production data acquisition
  • Data mining

Service contact Europe

Tel: +41 71 242 92 32

Help Desk:

Spare parts:

Service contact USA

Tel: 1-800-843-8801, Option 4

Help Desk:

Spare parts:

Kellenberger Service

Spare Parts

Service contract plans

The best way to maximize the efficiency of your Hardinge machine!

The Hardinge service contracts feature the greatest value, the best benefits we’ve ever offered on one contract. You`ll get a proactive maintenance by factory trained technicians, original Hardinge parts and access to specialist equipment and much more.


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