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Swiss grinding specialist KELLENBERGER, founded in 1917, has been one of the strong brands within the HARDINGE Group for over 25 years. KELLENBERGER is based in Goldach, Switzerland. The company employs around 400 people and specializes in the development and production of internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, jig grinding machines and system solutions. In these realms KELLENBERGER also unites well-known Swiss brands such as VOUMARD, HAUSER and TSCHUDIN.

The company’s strategy always and above all focuses on added value for the customer. Today’s customers don’t buy machines, they buy solutions. We want to meet this demand with the best machine configurations in the sanding sector.

Hardinge Kellenberger AG
Thannäckerstrasse 22
9403 Goldach

Tel. +41 71 242 91 11