Wide range of configuration options for a wide variety of sanding operations

Covers a wide range of workpieces up to 150 kg

High drive power of the grinding disc ensures high productivity

Flexible for maximum customer orientation

The KELLENBERGER 100 offers a wide range of configuration options for a wide variety of grinding operations and thus enables a strong customer focus. With a center height of 200 mm, center width of 600/1,000 mm and generous X-axis strokes of 365 mm and Z-axis strokes of 750/1,150 mm, the machine covers a wide range of workpieces weighing up to 150 kg. The automatic 1° indexing axis with high positioning accuracy and the direct-drive internal grinding spindles up to 90,000 rpm are further features. The large drive power of the grinding wheel results in high productivity, while the new Z-guide ensures high profile accuracy. The C-axis with direct drive provides greater accuracy for non-circular grinding.

The technical highlights of the KELLENBERGER 100 include an innovative compact grinding head (10 grinding head variants, 11.5 kW drive power, 500 mm wheel, up to 63 m/s, HF spindles for internal grinding incl. diagonal and tandem arrangement), a collision-free universal head with three tool and one measuring position as well as a new measuring probe arrangement without swivel mechanism for increased measuring accuracy. A synchronous tailstock allows the complete machining of shafts without a driver, i.e. the workpiece can be machined completely over its entire length.

The reinforced casing allows larger grinding wheel diameters for internal grinding. Operator guidance is via an intuitive 19″ touchscreen interface on the latest FANUC 31i-B CNC control system. The innovative BLUE Solution software enables even inexperienced operators to program quickly and intuitively.


  • Value for money – unrivalled value for performance and function in the market
  • BLUE Solution software on a 19″ touchscreen
  • Guided programming and retooling, even for inexperienced operators
  • The standard machine for beginners and experts in precision grinding
  • Designed for workpieces smaller than Ø 400 mm x 1000 mm
  • Between centres up to 100 kg, overhung up to 80 kg


The KELLENBERGER 100 is equipped with the FANUC 31i-B:

  • FANUC 31i-B with 19″ touch display
  • Intuitive operation thanks to BLUE Solution with OBJECT Guide and ISO Guide
  • Clear, self-explanatory screen pages
  • Integrated technology calculator
  • Online operating and maintenance instructions


Technical data

Centre width (workpiece length)
600 / 1'000 mm
Centre height
200 / 250 mm
Workpiece diameter
< 400 / <500 mm
Workpiece weight
100 / 150 kg
Load when working with a chuck
100 / 200 Nm
Supply voltage
400 / 460 V
Power consumption depending on the equipment
35 A - 80 A
Length x width
2.7m x 2.2m / 3.4m x 2.2m
Total weight
3'600 / 4'100 kg
Table / slide Z-axis
Travel range
760 / 1'150 mm
Feed rate Speed
20 000 mm/min
Scale resolution
0.05 µm
Cross slide X-axis
Travel range
365 mm
Feed rate Speed
10'000 mm/min
Scale resolution
0.05 µm
Turned parts B1
Swivel range
280 degree
Swivel speed
19.5 1/min
Automatic indexing Resolution
1 degree
Encoder resolution
0.00001 degree
Turned parts B2
Swivel range
Swivel speed
Automatic indexing Resolution
Encoder resolution
Grinding head
Universal / Diagonal
External Grinding
Grinding wheel dimensions
Ø 400 x 63 mm / Ø 500 x 100 mm
Drive motor Water-cooled
11.5 kW
Power Peripheral speed
50 / 63 m/s
Internal Grinding
Bore of the holder
Ø 150 mm
Max. power HF spindles
15 kW
Max. rotational speeds
90 000 min-1
Workpiece headstock
Standard 100 / Direct 150
Speed range
1 - 1 000 min-1
Mounting cone
External short taper ISO 702-1
Gr. 5 / Gr. 5
Roundness accuracy for fly grinding
0.4 / 0.2 μm
Encoder resolution
0.0001 degree
Precision adjustment
± 1.5"
Mounting cone
49 mm
Precision adjustment
±30 / ±75 µm
CNC control
Manufacturer / Type
Fanuc 31i-B
Machine operation
BLUE Solution
Software modules
Tool management
Global dresser
Global calibration
Tool type Cup wheel
Tool correction
AppOutOfRound (CAPTO)
gSHAPE (with DXF import)
Measurement of tool holder with gSET
Out of round grinding
Jig grinding

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